Business Telephony was conceived to offer companies of all sizes and complexities uncomplicated yet comprehensive and jargon-free telephony and connectivity designed to increase productivity and most importantly, profitability.
The core values of our business are centered on honesty, integrity and reliability and day-to-day we are committed to providing a cost-effective solution, ensuring your business can run efficiently and continuously with low running costs.


For twenty years, our directors have been at the forefront of the business telecoms and communications industry and they have the knowledge and insight to cut through inane marketing ‘spin’ allowing them to recommend products, services and applications relevant to your business.

These days, most products on the market seamlessly integrate into most businesses but as a buyer, your differentiators are

Your initial investment
On-going ownership costs
Ease of use for your employees
The quality of the support you receive
Delivery on time and on budget


You’re a consumer in a free market economy which means you have choice, so why should you choose Business Telephony?

  • Every client is afforded exactly the same level of service and attention
  • We are proactive and responsive
  • Our guys love what they do and they know what they’re doing
  • We are your outsourced telephony department
  • We answer the phone and talk to you
  • We know this industry and it’s nuance

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