Business Connectivity

The huge choice of broadband connectivity options available to businesses can render even the most tech-savvy executive frustrated and confused. Detail aside, fundamentally you should be looking for the fastest speeds matched with the best price.

Your business needs super-fast, reliable and robust data connectivity that is scalable enough to grow as your business does yet suits your bandwidth requirements and your financial constraints.

At Business Telephony, we have a comprehensive range of options to suit businesses of all sizes –


ASDL/Fibre ADSL is a business connection offering an entry-level high speed connection for all data requirements, including email, internet, voice traffic and video conferencing. Maximum download speeds vary dependent on your physical distance from the exchange but can be as fast as 200MB/s. With ASDL, the bandwidth isn’t dedicated to your business only and can be shared with other local businesses, meaning performance slows at peak usage times.

Fibre Leased Lines

The provision of fibre-optic cables (or Copper EFM) from the exchange to your communications room provides premium, high-speed and dedicated bandwidth from 2Mb of up to a staggering 10GB/s.  It delivers dedicated bandwidth download speeds (not shared with any other business traffic giving no dips in speed or performance) regardless on your physical distance from the exchange.  The service is fully managed, meaning that in the unlikely event of downtime occurring, you have a Service Level Agreement in place to bring the service back up to full speed as soon as possible.

Each option is flexible and scalable dependent on your current and future bandwidth needs and we will guide you effortlessly through your range of options